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Worldwide customer awareness tends more and more to safe, natural, and sustainable solutions for everyday life including travelling and leisure.
dōTERRA essential oils are 100% pure and come with an extraordinary quality, assured by a unique testing protocol to prevent pollution, dilution, and adulteration of these precious treasures of nature. 
Essential oils are more than just another product on the market: They are natural gifts at our disposal that solves many of the things we worry about…

Stand out within the industry and provide your clients additional value, by using essential oils, implemented in your business processes to support a healthier stay and a worthwhile anchor with your service

Lobby, floors & public areas
Stimulate relaxing, fresh, creative or other positive emotions by diffusing essential oils;
Provide a water bar with essential oils as a unique refreshment;
Use the cleaning and antibacterial attributes of the oils for hand sanitizing and germfree air in public areas

Refresh and clean the air from environmental threats and bad smell;
Offer a special turndown service by providing sleep supporting oils;
Present an oil menu as a kind of first aid for health support, to increase guest’s well-being and emotional balance

Restaurants & Bars
Add additional flavour to dishes, desserts & drinks;
Provide inevitably your guests with any internal benefits of the oil;
Use natural ingredients;
Have each flavour all year around available – always at the same costs and the same high quality

Use the natural highly concentrated, potent and powerful cleansing properties of the oils in your cleaning water, to wash your towels and bed linen to get germfree rooms and public areas while leaving a natural smell;
Save costs compare to other cleansing products;
Reduce chemical toxins in our nature

Care about your employees
Establish an unique workplace
Diffusing mood-uplifting, motivating & creative essential oils;
Providing a first aid alternative for upcoming infections, headache, injuries or for stress reducing;
Offering antibacterial protection and support of the immune system

Your employees will appreciate it and you will benefit of an even improved team harmony, higher motivation & concentration while having reduced days off due to sick leave

Boutique & Give-aways
Upsell the oils in your shop;
Offer client workshops about the diversity of purposes of the essential oils at home to support their long-life vitality;
Have a natural product with sustainable, healthy and extraordinary properties on hand to impress business partners and guests 

Providing the high-quality essential oils of dōTERRA at your property will be another USP which may lead in a new way of customer loyalty and will meet the trend of natural, healthy and sustainable solutions. 

Which essential oils are relevant for your hotel?